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CryptoGames Review: A Look Inside One of the Most Favoured Crypto Casino

These days online gambling platforms are bringing the latest updates into their systems to give their users the best experience they can expect. The newly designed websites are always upgrading and updating the designs and games to offer aesthetic vibes to the modern gamblers. The modern aesthetic in the casinos has also brought about the use of modern digital currencies for gamblers. By modern digital currencies, most of us already know about Cryptocurrencies. Nowadays the use of cryptocurrencies at casinos has created a worthy hype for gambling lovers. The cryptocurrencies offered at the casinos have fully enabled the systems to operate as per the crypto gamblers’ preferences. The new systems have also attracted many gamblers to test out their modern gambling potential. One of the many online casinos that have become fully crypto based, is known as CryptoGames. In today’s gambling spaces, it is one of the most eligible casinos for crypto-oriented entertainment. The casino has built its systems with shatterproof security measures that impress the crowd from different places. The casino provides unbiased and pure entertainment for everyone with a very sophisticated list of casino games. The casino offers a small list of games that is enriched with many features and sophisticated yet easy guidelines. All of them are equally entertaining for the players and are all highly profitable on every win. The games have been curated to offer better rewards for the player in return for their crypto funds and skills. It is safe to say that at CryptoGames there are no unwanted ads that will lead you to any unsafe websites or lure you into any phishing websites. There are many other crypto-based reward features and events that make the betting experience at CryptoGames worth every penny. This is why it is recommended by both beginner and advanced level players. The casino also provides necessary steps to prevent the misuse of the platform and to help prevent forming any unwanted or harmful indulgence of the entertainment served on the website. In the review below we will dissect all the components of the casino in short descriptions.

Services CryptoGames Offers:

Following the new developments, CryptoGames has upgraded its system in every possible aspect. They are flawlessly offering a great list of games complemented with many features, a smooth transaction system, reliable gaming policies for everyone equally. The casino displays its true potential as a crypto gambling space through all its services. Especially with its library of 10 flawlessly designed games, millions of potential gamblers have been drawn towards the space. At CryptoGames the following games can be played at ease without worrying about any house edges:

Lowest House Edge Ever

For offering more rewards and more chances at winning, the casino continues to offer the lowest house edges for all its players, regardless of their player levels. Because of the reasonable house edges, on every win, the players get to earn more rewards at CryptoGames than anywhere else. The players can freely choose and pick their preferred games after looking at the offered list of house edges. The following list contains all the games and their house edges offered at CryptoGames:

Dice- 1.0 % 

DiceV2- 1.0%

Roulette- 2.7% 

Blackjack- 1.25%

Minesweeper- 1.0%

Video Poker- 2.09% 

Plinko- 1.72%

Slot- 1.97%

Keno – 1.0 %

Lottery- 0.0%

Here the average house edges for the games of Plinko and Video Poker are given for the convenience of the players.


On the home page of the website, the first game one can see on the games’ list is, Dice.  The Play Now button also takes the players to the first game, Dice. This game is a simple one to play on the devices since it doesn’t require any extra space or memory slot for the players. The modern Dice can be run easily from any device and easily played by following simple rules. The game hosts progressive jackpots that can be earned with available cryptocurrencies. The use of Play Money currency, auto bet feature, and many more cool features are available for the players. In Dice, players choose desired cryptocurrency at first, then place the amount they would like to bet using the manual or the auto bet feature. If anyone opts for the Auto Bet feature, then they will have the option to customize the bet settings for the desired number of rounds. After the desired bet amount has been placed, the payout multiplier for their final payout has to be chosen. If a high payout multiplier is chosen then the winning chances for the bet become less. A correct prediction about the bet will result in a win and a wrong prediction will make the player lose their entire bet amount. The predictions are made by guessing whether or not the Dice roll will result in a higher or lesser number.  


Some gamblers may know the game of Blackjack as 21. The game is a famous card game that is played by a lot of gamblers around the world. At CryptoGames, the system is offering Blackjack to be played directly against the house dealer with any one of their 10 cryptocurrencies. This means, by beating the house dealer in the game using various strategies, players will be able to win huge rewards. The key to winning Blackjack is to build a hand that is better than the dealer’s and doesn’t exceed the limit amount. Before beginning the drawing of cards, players have to complete all the setups for the round by placing their desired bet amount and learning about the value of the cards. Once around starts, the cards are given to the players along with options for building their hand. For example, if the player opts for “Hit” then they will be dealt with cards. If a lucky hit deals the player with the first two cards summing up to 21 points then the game ends there and announces the player who earned the 21 points as the final winner. Otherwise, the game will keep continuing until someone fails to keep their hand less than 21 points.  


On CryptoGames’ website, Lottery has been a part of the simple list of casino games. The game has no house edge for the players. This is why it is preferred by so many gamblers for a more chilled-out and lucrative gambling experience. Lottery has no complicated guidelines to follow. The players can participate in the game by simply purchasing their tickets using any one of the mentioned 4 cryptocurrencies. In Lottery, CryptoGames kept Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin as the available cryptocurrencies. The casino hosts the lottery draws twice per week. The game is backed up by fair gambling policies that also process all Lottery draws. A provably fair technology is used to draw the lucky tickets every round. The fairness of the draws is also ensured by the third-party software called Random Pickers. The software chooses lucky winners without any cheating or any kind of biased favors. After each round successfully ends, the players get to check all their bets using the hashes. CryptoGames provides detailed and simple guidelines on the use of hashes on the website and even below the games’ sections. The draws are hosted on different days depending on the coins available.


Translated from the French word, “roulette”, the name of the game is translated as ‘little wheel’. To bring its meaning to life, Roulette is played on a wheel. The wheel is designed to contain 37 numbers that are accompanied by one zero. The visual of Roulette is kept to look very modern and aesthetic while it also represents the classic ones you find at the regular casinos. The betting table is also kept neat so that you can easily place your neighbour bets on the table using the chips. The more chips you place or stack up on the table the more your bet amount will increase. Like all the other games, the bet size and amount have to be placed first and then the players will be able to enable the wheel to rotate. The purpose of placing the neighboring bets is actually to make sure the ball lands on one of the winning numbers on the wheel. Players are free to place their betting chips on the betting table manually or by opting to choose the automatic feature to choose any numbers to place their neighbor bets on.


Many fervent gamblers know Plinko as a famous gambling game ever since it was televised in the show “The Price is Right”. The game of Plinko has gained lots of loyal players in its online version, especially in the crypto version. Using any of the 10 different cryptocurrencies, CryptoGames’ players get to enjoy a neat version of Plinko at any time from their devices. The players have to drop a ball from the top point of a pegged pyramid. The ball comes in 4 different shades and the players have to pick any one of the shades. All the colors are individually rewarding. They also come with 4 different house edges for players to check out. This means, after looking at the payout multipliers and house edges that the 4 different colors offer, players can pick any one they want to play the game. After the setup for the bets is done, players simply “drop” the balls from the top and wait as they bounce their way down. For individual colors, there will be dedicated payout slots at the bottom of the pyramid.


The most recently created game on the website of CryptoGames is Keno. It is the 10th game that the casino has curated for its players. Many consider Keno to be a lottery-style game. Its crypto version is finely crafted with unique visuals and an entertaining objective. Keno is an extremely lightweight game that is played to pick lucky numbers from a poll of 40 numbers. The players are compensated based on the number of correct guesses they have made from the poll. This means, that if they can predict the numbers properly then they will be able to score rewards based on the payout multiplier assigned for the numbers.


In a digitally advanced version, DiceV2 comes to impress all Dice lovers. The two versions are always available for the players on the website. The latest version called DiceV2 has a new design that is easily accessible from all devices. The new design is lightweight and chic at the same time. DiceV2 comes with an objective that is almost the same as the other version available. In DiceV2, players have to place their bet by predicting whether or not their result will be higher or lesser than two numbers. This is done by choosing to roll over or lower than the numbers. DiceV2’s modern design shows the bet result on a slider bar. Upon a correct guess, the dice will roll on the green zone. Players can play DiceV2 with all the cryptocurrencies on the casino. The game also has the access to manual and auto bet functions. Moreover, the slider can be used to adjust the payout multiplier, the bet amount. The payout multiplier will influence the payout amount at the end of each successful bet.


Minesweeper at CryptoGames is an iconic puzzle game that has been successfully modernized for its devoted players. The game is highly lucrative and serves the players with high-value crypto entertainment. Bringing this evergreen game to the casino shows how diverse CryptoGames’ selection of games is. The casino chose this game to offer flexible entertainment for the players to relish. Minesweeper is not at all complicated to understand. The simple rules of the game provide clear guidance to the players. It is one of the easiest games on the board to earn quick rewards with. Since players can cash out their rewards at any point of the game, it is highly lucrative even for beginners. However, the players need to be wary of when they should collect all their earnings and stop betting further. In Minesweeper, one wrong click can end the game instantly. If any player is successful in turning all the tiles or clearing all the mines in one take, then they will win the entire prize money.

Video Poker: 

At CryptoGames there are 3 different types of Video Poker available for all the players. Players can use any one of the 10 available cryptocurrencies to play the 3 variants of the game. From the game’s section, players can switch to any one of the variants and even change the cryptocurrency. These can be done from the top left corner of the game’s board. The first variant that comes on the screen is Jacks or Better. From the dedicated tab, players can also find Tens or Better, and Bonus Poker to play. Three different house edges vary according to the three variants. Hence the players will also have the freedom to choose the variant that suits their choice the best. Video Poker has a great payout table returning profitable rewards for all winning bets. On top of that, since the players are playing directly against the house, they can always polish up their skills to win the game. There are options to either keep or discard cards from the hand. Details on this will be found in the guidelines section of the game.


An undeniably integrated part of any happening casino is the Slot machine. The classic game is always pictured along with the classic roulette table every time a casino is mentioned. In CryptoGames’ casino, the slot machine has 5 colorful reels that line up in the middle row to form possibly winning combinations. All winning combinations return a good number of rewards. 7 winning combinations can be achieved in any winning spin. The winning chance for Slot is well above 49 %. The game also has an auto bet feature and absolutely no rules for how the combinations will appear on the machine. Meaning as long as the combination lines up in the middle row, players will be compensated for their wins. For beginners, CryptoGames has a detailed description of how the payout table works for each of the combinations.

Supported Crypto Currencies:

Many players of CryptoGames sing high praises for their incredibly fast transaction system in their reviews. The casino has well earned the praises since it truly enables smooth processing for all deposits, exchanges, or withdrawals. All their user data and funds are backed up using the latest systems. The casino also ensures that no unnecessary collection of personal information is needed while a new player opens up an account at the casino. On the website, players can find these cryptocurrencies:  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, GAS, Dash, and Solana.

Last year, CryptoGames added Solana into the system to enable full use of the cryptocurrency for the first time. The inclusion of Solana went on to show the improved and up-to-date system of CryptoGames. New players will also have the option of using Play Money before they are confident enough to spend their real crypto funds.

Alternative Deposit and Withdrawal Methods:

For flexibility and fast processing, CryptoGames offers well-organized facilities. Players stay assured that all their exchanges or fund transaction with cryptocurrencies are being done under a reliable system at all times. For fiat deposits, players can even use credit cards at the casino. And for exchanges from a large number of cryptocurrencies that are unavailable at the casino, players can use a new exchange method. Using Onramper, any player can deposit fiat currencies and then use the funds to play their games.  For the flexible exchange system, ChangeNow is always available for use. Fully registered players can start gambling right after they enter the casino.

More Rewards

CryptoGames collected many reviews for being the most profitable casino for beginners. With its low house edge policy, the casino is already letting the players earn bigger rewards on every win. The fair gambling policies also offer referral programs, monthly wagering events, and reward features to make sure their players are winning more every time. If any player shares the referral codes with others then they get to enjoy lifetime rewards from the house edges. Meaning, as the referral codes are put to use, players will get rewarded 15% from the house edges. This is applicable only when the player they referred the casino to, starts playing. Moreover, the casino has monthly gambling events where players bet against each other to win month-long rewards. The month-long reward is also known as the VIP membership. Winners placed on the leader board get to enjoy the following:

  • Exclusive chance to play Dice with a lower house edge- 0.8% for an entire month.
  • Unadulterated and highest priority for all their bets. Even if bets are in small amounts, players enjoy zero server-side delays.
  • Higher exchange limits for cryptocurrencies.
  • All exclusive access to VIP chatrooms and a chance to communicate with the managers of the casino.
  • Cool VIP tags on Chatbox
  • Get $100 worth of Bitcoins as birthday gifts. This is enabled when the player has completed tier 3 verification (KYC) or higher.
  • Faucet levels increase and hand out more Play Money rewards!

Beginners’ Perfect Choice for Crypto Gambling

To conclude the glimpse of the CryptoGames, it must be said that when it comes to a constant and clean gambling experience, CryptoGames will always be beginners’ favorite spot. From serving the players with safe and neat entertainment to building the most well-organized architecture, CryptoGames has done it all. In the upcoming days, more updates and additions will surely promote the casino to many potential gamblers. And it can be guaranteed that the casino’s honest policies will deliver high-quality entertainment that is worthy of both time and crypto funds.

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